Following mass protests in Kishinev, when people called for the union between Romania and the Republic of Moldova, the executive decided to reintroduce a visa regime for Romania.

Moldovan president Vladimir Voronin accused Romania of getting involved in the riots and said that some 118 alleged organizers of the protests were arrested.

Mandatory visas for Romanian citizens could be introduced starting with April 9, declared the Moldovan foreign minister Andrei Stratan.

In reply, the Romanian Parliament said that the accusations of the communist leadership in Kishinev are not grounded and are determined by panic and helplessness. The expulsion of the Romanian diplomats is seen as provocative.

Hundreds of persons gathered yesterday and then again today in the center of the capital Kishinev to protest against the result of the Parliamentary elections held on April 5, which the Communist Party won with 61 seats out of 101, allowing them to decide the future president of the Republic of Moldova.