Lafarge Concrete Aggregates pumps 1.6 million euros in a 25,000-ton capacity concrete storage unit

The local division of aggregates and concrete producer Lafarge said it had pumped 1.6 million euros in a new concrete storage and handling facility in Oltenita, Calarasi.
The new 20,000 sqm facility will have the capacity to store up to 25,000 tons of aggregates.

“The new facility, whose activity was specially designed to meet the market demand of Bucharest and adjacent areas, will enable us to avoid transportation by car on long distances, offering at the same time economic advantages”, said Bruno Roux, director of Lafarge Aggregates for Romania, Poland and Ukraine.

Lafarge Aggregates and Concrete is one of the largest divisions of the French construction material company in Romania, together with Lafarge Cement and Gypsum Plasterboards.

In first quarter, the revenues of the company fell 36% year on year, down to 20.2 million lei (4.8 million euros). The Romanian branch’s losses amounted to 1.2 million euros, 3.5-fold higher than in prior-year quarter.

Lafarge Aggregates and Concrete posted a turnover of around 300 million lei (81.5 million euros).

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