The benchmark exchange rate published yesterday was of 4.2196 lei per euro.

“The quotas for leu are pretty close and the number of transactions has increased, and payments to the budget are more substantial,” declared a dealer.

The leu gaind ground from 4.2185 to 4.2095 per euro in the early trades and around noon settled at 4.21 versus the euro. At 13:20 banks were buying a euro for 4.2106 lei and selling it for 4.2181 lei.

The Polish zloty rose from 4.5060 to 4.4810 only to return to opening quotas, while the Hungarian forint increased from 276.8 to 274.6 per euro and then dropped to 275.60 per euro.

The benchmark exchange rate showed the leu rise by 1.03 percent versus the U.S. dollar from yesterday's 3.0249 to 2.9936.