Jobless rate goes up to 6.9% in Q1

Unemployment rate calculated for jobless persons aged between 15 and 74 but willing to work and sought jobs over the last month, climbed in first quarter 2009 by 1.1 pc from prior-year quarter, to 6.9%, National Institute of Statistics informed.
The data provided by NIS shows that the employment rate, calculated based on the International Bureau of Labor criteria, was 0.6% up from first quarter 2008.

The gap between female and male unemployment was 2.5% (7.9% for men and 5.5% or women), while on areas, the gap was 1.5 percent (7.5% for urban area and 6% for rural area).

The unemployment hit the highest rates for persons aged 15 and 24.

Active population shrank to.9.7 million in first quarter.

Romania’s active population was of 9.705 million persons in first quarter this year, down from 9.8 million persons in a quarter earlier, of which 666,000 were registered as unemployed.

The activity rate of people aged 15-64 dropped to 61.8% from 62% in October-December 2008, 64.2% in third quarter, 63.5% in second quarter and 61.8% in first three months of 2008.

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