MyAirs flight operation acceptance suspended

The Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) announced yesterday it had revoked the flight operation permit of Italian low-fair aviation company MyAir that operates flights from and two Romania. Hundred of passengers were blocked yesterday in Baneasa airport, after all flights had been canceled.
The drastic decision was announced by ENAC as being a consequence of the company’s failure to meet their financial restructuring-related obligations.

The flight operation license of MyAir carrier has been suspended until further notice. The decision takes effect on July 24 2009, 00.01 hours.

The ENAC said it “has issued an emergency decree suspending the license it had been temporarily granted to the airline SpA on 25 June this year.

The provisional license “has been released on the condition that – pending announced financial restructuring - the carrier would be able to meet its commitment through an availability of sufficient cash flow to ensure planned operational management.

Apart from 25 Italian cities, MyAir, established in 2004, operates flights t0 15 international destinations, including Romania.

ENAC also said MyAir “did not provide any evidence of any tangible development in relation to the announced recap while its current cash flow is not sufficient to cover the costs for basic services”.

The aviation authority said that “the continuation of the carrier’s activities may have exacerbated the prejudices supported by the passengers”.

ENAC had summoned in mid July the leaders of the aviation company, due to several inefficiencies that created discomforts and inconveniences to hundreds of passengers.

MyAir obliged to provide adequate redirection and information to passengers

MyAir carrier is also obliged to redirect passengers to other flights.

ENAC has also requested MyAir to offer its usual services to passengers. The airline carrier was able to cope with its debt load, but it failed to demonstrate its ability to provide services on a regular basis. As a consequence the Italian authority revoked MyAir’s license.

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