“In 2007, we had two budget plans, this year we had the most, nine to be more precise, and that because of the changes caused by the economic crisis in the pharmaceutical market, which also affected the consumer behavior”, said Andreea Ionescu (photo), retail marketing director A&D Pharma.

The alternative drug market, she continued, has grown by as much as the dermo-cosmetics segment. Globally, the alternative drug market is nearly twice the size of dermo-cosmetics market, with Germany registering the biggest growth rates.

Sensiblu chain covers 220 pharmacies across the country, recorded growth in sales of dermo-cosmetics, its stores inside malls generating up to 50% of total sales. In the storefront pharmacies, dermo-cosmetics generated 15% of total sales.

Pharma company A&D Pharma, that operates pharmacy chain Sensiblu, recorded unconsolidated turnover of 1.54 billion lei in the first nine months, up 12% from the same period of last year. When expressed in euro, sales dropped 3% to €354.9 million, on 16% devaluation of the local currency versus its European peer.