IMF delegation expected mid next week

The Parliament has passed the budget plan for 2010 with 192 votes against 138, as well as the social insurance budget for 2010 with 176 votes against 147.

The Parliament overruled the amendment that provided the raise of the pension point to 45% of the gross income, after the opposition proposed a nominal voting.

The amendment was overruled with 149 votes against 186. The amendment provided the raise of the pension point to 45% of gross income, effective January 1, 2010.

The Minister of Finance says Romania has met all conditions to unlock the International Monetary Fund-led loan, once the budget had been passed, and that will be effective as of Monday. The International Monetary Fund will therefore send a delegation to Romania as soon as mid next week.

“An IMF mission will review loan condition attached to the disbursement of the next tranche. I am convinced Romania has fulfilled all the objectives agreed with the institutions”, said Vladescu.

He added that the new budget law would be effective as of Monday. “We have a budget plan. The laws will be revised by the president, and I think it could be effective as of Monday”, the minister said.

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