ALD Automotive increases fleet by 800 vehicles

ALD Automotive, the vehicle leasing arm of Societe Generale had 5,147-vehicle fleet at the end of 2009, and after only two months into 2010, the company expects to have 6,000 vehicles under management.

“At the end of 2009, ALD Automotive had 5,147 vehicles under management for 223 customers. We expect our fleet to increase to 6,000 vehicles by end-February”, said Vincent Kneppert, chief executive of ALD Automotive.

The vehicle leasing company signed a fleet-management agreement with Petrom.

The solution proposed by Petrom consisted in sale & leaseback for the management of a portion of the existent fleet as well as full-service leasing for new vehicles pending for order by Petrom in 2010.

In the first stage, ALD Automotive will acquire from Petrom a portion of the existent fleet and then lease the vehicles to the company, while ensuring a complete range of fleet management options. In the next stage, the company will expand its fleet by acquiring new vehicles.

ALD Automotive was established in July 2005 and provides full service leasing for car fleets.

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