ShopMania has been a key contributor to revenue, with 65% share, while web projects for outside customers generated 25% and other projects accounted for 10%.

These projects consisted in harnessing advertising contracts signed for other websites under Asesoft Net’s umbrella:,, and

“We have adapted to the new environment, by putting intensive and extensive growth strategies in place, according to the challenges arising from the local and international markets”, said Arthur Radulescu (photo), chief executive of Asesoft Net, company established in 2004.

In 2009, ShopMania network expanded its reach into Czech Republic and Slovakia, the portal being accessible in 26 countries now.

The price comparison site attracted 80,000 unique visitors/day in Romania and 300,000 unique visitors across its entire network.

“If in Romania, the ad revenues generated by remained relatively stable, in the other 25 countries, the website recorded substantial revenue growth, for example in France, Italy or UK”, Radulescu added.

For 2010, Asesoft says the online services market will continue to trend upwards, while the key profit driver will be the mobile applications line on the back of higher smartphone penetration rate.