The ministry said it didn’t take into account a dollar bond issue, but doesn’t rule out the possibility of selling euro bonds in the near future, subject to market conditions.

“As part of out objective of adopting the euro as soon as possible, our Treasury strategy is centered upon attracting funds in euro, rather than U.S dollars”, said Bogdan Dragoi, state secretary at the Ministry of Finance.

Romania’s previous €1 bln euro bond issue grabbed the spotlight in the external markets, through which the Ministry raised €4.943 billion.

“Depending on the market conditions, we will be ready for a new bond issue in the external markets”, said Sebastian Vladescu, Minister of Public Finance.

HSBC, Deutsche Bank and EFG Eurobank managed the sale. Romanian euro bonds are due to be listed at the Luxembourg Stock Exchange, and have a maturity date of March 18, 2015.