Fewer foreign tourists in Romania

The number of foreign visitors in Romania registered at the border checks stood at 897,400 in the first two months this year, down 5.9% from the same period of last year. Most tourists were from European countries.
EU-25 tourists accounted for about 64.6% of all inbound tourists. Hungarian tourists accounted for 44.1%, from Bulgaria – 17.0%, Italy – 7.5%, Germany – 7.2% and Austria – 3.9%. The number of seaborne tourists suffered the steepest decline in Jan-Feb period, of 83.1% y-o-y.

According to data from the National Institute of Statistics, the number of outbound tourists dropped 5.5% in Romania, to 1,642,300. The mode of transport of choice has been road – 77%, while the biggest drop was observed in maritime transport.

The number of bookings in Romanian accommodation establishments in Jan-Feb 2010 period totaled 630,000, down 8.4% from the same period of last year. Romanian tourists’ stays in Romanian accommodation establishments accounted for 78.5%, while foreign tourists accounted for 21.5%.

Hotels remained the accommodation establishment of choice, with 76.1% of total stays in collective accommodation, down 3.9%.

In Jan-Feb, tourists spent 1,273,900 nights in collective accommodation establishments in Romania, down 12.9% from the same period of 2009. 78.1% of all nights were spent in the country by Romanian tourists, and 21.9% by foreign visitors.

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