A survey carried by Advantage Software Factory (ASF) found that 47% Romanian managers believe the businesses they run are too small for the implementation of customer relationship management solutions.
The company surveyed in the first half this year around 475 small and medium enterprises and large companies across all fields of activity.

“However, we want to encourage Romanian managers to use CRM solutions as useful tools in sales boost and customer retention, regardless to the size of the business they run. We have customers who use the system starting with as few as 3 users”, said Marian Stirbescu, Sales & Marketing Manager Advantage Software Factory.

The survey also revealed that 40% of executives don’t use this type of application due to a lack of examples at a personal level.

“Managers are influenced in the decision-making process by the example of their rivals in the industry they operate”, said Stirbescu.

At the same time, 38% of the executives in Romania believe the implementation of CRM solution requires a complete reshuffle of the business processes.

ASF is a Romanian company established in 2001, that developed four business lines: Capone collection system, AnytimeCRM suite, NextReports reporting software and on-demand solutions.

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