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Acer Romaniaĺs sales volume soars 194% in first nine months

Acer Romania, subsidiary of Taiwan-based IT&C producer registered in first nine months this year a 194% growth from similar interval of last year.

The company sold 42,000 notebook computers through local authorized vendors in first nine months.

“Acer sold out, since early 2008, approximately 42,000 notebook computers, through local authorized vendors (SCOP Computers, ELKOTech Romania, and Torando Sistems) and ACER’s commercial partners. The growth expressed in units is 194% compared to similar period of 2007,” Constantin Balmus, Business Manager Notebook of Acer Romania stated for Wall-Street.

In first half, Acer was the leading notebook producer of the market, with 19% market share and targets 20% annual market share.

“In first half, 2008, according to IDC estimations, the ranking of top five notebook producers were Acer, Dell, Toshiba, HP, and Fujitsu-Siemens Computers, that hold a combine market share of 80% in Romania. Acer ranks first with 19% and aims at covering 20% of the segment,” Balmus added.

Aspire One – over 6% of Acer’s notebook computer sell-out after three months since the launching
The company sold 2,600 units of the new notebook model (mini-notebook also called netbook) Aspire One, launched in July this year.

Netbooks will cover 20-40% share of Acer’s overall notebooks sales volume, although this segment is still young.
“The netbook is a new project that was launched soon, and we still have no feedback from the buyers, but it is surely very successful. According to a research company, the netbooks will cover a 20-40% share of overall notebook computers market. We forecast 20-40% share of netbooks sell-out of Acer’s overall notebooks computers sales volume,” Dmitry Elizarov, Country Manager of Acer Eastern Europe said in a statement last month.

4 top players – 65% of the market

This year, the notebook market in Romania gained magnitude, and four biggest players absorbed over 65% of the segment in first half.

“Notebook market in 2008 was a market where all biggest world’s players enforced positions and covered major market shares. Large players were Acer, Dell, Toshiba and HP that hold a combined market share of 65% in first half of the year,” Constantin Balmus added.

According to him, it is difficult to estimate the overall value of notebook computers since the beginning of this year, due to broad range of distribution channels.

“Given IDC studies, in first half 2008, Romania imported 200,000 notebooks. At an average of 650 euros/unit, we can estimate the overall value of notebook computers at nearly 130 million euros, which is likely to double by yearend,” Acer’s representative pointed out.

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