Rompetrol gas station operator, controlled by Kazakh-based KazMunaiGaz will cut benchmark prices for gasoline and diesel by 12 bani/liter, respectively 6 bani/liter, according to data remitted by the company.

Thus Premium E4 gasoline will cost 2.99 lei/liter, and the benchmark price for Efix 95 gasoline will be 3.04 lei/liter, while Euro Super gasoline will be priced at 3.67lei/liter.

Efix diesel will be sold at 3.55 lei/liter and Super Euro 5 at 3.84 lei/liter.
Prices of fuel commercialized in Rompetrol Downstream filling stations will vary by +/- 5% compared to benchmark prices.

Prior to that, Rompetrol cut prices for gasoline and diesel 10 bani per liter starting December 4.