Mobexpert lays out 10 million euros in a new logistic component

Mobexpert started the construction works at a new logistic center in Bucharest, designed to streamline products’ acquisition and distribution processes, for which the furniture manufacturer will spend 10 million euros.

The construction of a new logistic center is part of Mobexpert’s efforts to improve the effectiveness of costs in the supply chain, so that the end prices in stores to be maintained at current level. The new logistic component will serve as supply warehouse for products in large quantities at advantageous prices and will provide a faster distribution of products to the chain’s stores.

“With the new logistic center, we will improve reception and distribution processes, which will allow an upkeep of prices in stores. This is one of the measures we’ve planned since September and it comes to avoid the potential growth of prices, triggered by the poor economic conditions that the market is undergoing at this moment: financial crisis, negative evolution of the currency exchange rates, skyrocketing costs for utilities and raw materials”, said Dan Sucu, chairman of Mobexpert Group.

The new logistic center will be located at Km21 of A1 highway, Bucharest-Pitesti, near Bolintin locality. Bucharest Logistic Center will measure 24,000 sqm, and will consist in 4 independent buildings. The gross surface will be nearly 62,500 sqm, including parking, utility area and green spaces.

Representatives of the company estimate the construction works will be finalized at the end of May 2009, including the equipments and software platform. The center will become fully operational as of July 2009.

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