“We have made a proposal to BNR and we wait for a feedback any time soon. Yesterday, we talked to BNR’s first vice governor and we hope the regulation for the constitution of mortgage loan provisions to be revised until March”, Ghetea said.

The chairman of the association added that bankers had previously requested a “comprehensive approach on the required reserve ratio issue”, according to a prior request of ARB that would allow banks not to constitute required reserve ratio for the funds received from international financial institutions (IFI).

“As lending is not as light as before, but tougher, any other source is salutary”, Ghetea said.
On the other hand, he said he didn’t expect the National Bank of Romania to reduce the required reserve ratio in current poor economic climate, with all these shifts arising both in Europe and Romania. “Nevertheless, we hope to resume talks as soon as possible”, Chairman of ARB concluded.