The 14 pension funds on Pillar II counted at the end of February on 4,174,368 participants, 74,418 more than in January.

The biggest rise in assets, of 15.49 percent, was reported by the fund administered by BCR Fond de Pensii, while the smallest advance, of 12.38 percent, was made by AZT Viitorul Tau, administered by Allianz-Tiriac.

ING keeps controlling 38.87 percent of the market, with net assets of 418.4 million lei at the end of the last month.

However, the pension market could be affect by a budget stipulation of maintaining the contribution for private mandatory pension funds at 2 percent of the gross average salary throughout this year.The law mentions that every year beginning with January 1, the contribution is increased by 0.5 percent until it reaches 6 percent of the gross average salary in eight years' time.