At around 10:15 this morning banks were buying the euro for 4.2875 and selling it for 4.2975 lei.

Both the leu and the other emerging currencies in the region are growing, but the trend is more obvious with the leu, chief dealer with Banca Transilvania, Ioan Birle told NewsIn.

In the region, the Polish zloty advanced from 4.7450 to 4.6990 against the euro and then fell to 4.7050. The Hungarian forint increased from 310.10 to 307.25 over the euro.

On the international markets the American dollar dropped constantly from 1.2579 to 1.2740 against the euro and at 10:15, Romanian time, the euro stood at 1.2730 dollars.

Interbank interests for overnight deposits slipped to 13-14 percent per year, above the annual main interest rate of 10 percent per year.