Dacia's annual profit reduced to half: 60 mln euros

Romanian carmaker Dacia reported 60.28 mln euro (222 mln lei) profit for 2008, half of 132.5 mln euros reported a year earlier, the carmaker announced.

Last year, Dacia’s turnover increased to 7.64 bln lei (2.07 bln euros), up by merely 10% from last year. In 2007, Dacia recorded 6.93 bln lei turnover (2.08 bln euros).

Dacia spent 8.14 bln lei last year, 22% more than prior year, while revenues advanced 16.5% up to 8.4 bln lei.

The company sold 257,594 cars last year, 11.7% more than a year earlier, of which 172,886 were exported and the remaining 84,708 were sold in Romania.

Dacia’s sales in Romania totaled 84,708 units, down 17% from prior year.

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