Romania's leu slips towards 4.21 against the euro

The exchange rate rose steadily towards the end of the session to close to 4.21 lei per euro after a significant climb of the national currency in the first part of the day, in line with the region, where currencies floated within larger ranges.
The leu opened at quotas a little over 4.20 against the euro and after rising to a maximum 4.1975 stabilized around noon at close to 4.20. At 4:35 p.m. the euro was traded for 4.2057 – 4.2135 lei, NewsIn states.

Regional currencies climbed more than the leu. The Polish zloty gained ground on debut from 4.198 to 4.16 versus the euro but then slipped to 4.1750 at the end of the session. The Hungarian forint followed a similar trend, going down to 268 units per euro after it strengthened to 265.7.

The reference exchange rate posted today by the central lender BNR eased 0.25 percent to 4.2051 lei per euro, a low of the past three weeks. BNR had last announced such a low level on July 3, when the rate stood at 4.2036.

The reference exchange rate also lowered 0.56 percent to 2.9489 lei per dollar, from 2.9656 on Friday. The leu/dollar quota announced today is a new low of the past eight weeks and was last reached on June 1, when BNR posted a reference exchange rate of 2.9377.

On international markets, the U.S. currency depreciated constantly from 1.417 to 1.43 against the euro but recouped slightly to close to 1.4250. At 4:35 p.m. Romania's hour, the euro was traded for 1.4245 dollars.

Interbank interests for overnight deposits remained at 9 – 9.5 percent per year, close to the monetary policy rate of 9 percent.

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