Vox News television channel soon to launch in Romania

National Audiovisual Council has granted the license to Vox News to deliver broadcast satellite services, a television station fully owned by Sport Channel, which is expected to enter the airwaves by year-end.

The initial investment in launching the Vox News TV channel amounts to approximately 1 million dollars, which would be earmarked for equipment acquisition.

The total expenditures for Vox News are estimated at 2.6 million euros, until May, 2010. Furthermore, the company expects ad revenues of nearly 1 million euros in the first 12 months of broadcasting.

“It was the idea of a television focused on social aspects and news. We live in a country in transition for 20 years that is facing major social issues. We will tap into health and education problems as well”, said Emil Jascau, director of Vox News.

Vox News will broadcast general information, education shows, as well as entertainment. 80% are in-house production, Vox News also holding a production house.

Sport Channel is in advanced talks with several suppliers of satellite communication services, such as UPC, RCS&RDS and DTH platforms for the broadcast of Vox News channel.

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