Car market in September: -70% new cars, -50% used cars

The number of new car registrations in Romania dropped 70% in September, down to 6,780, while the number of registrations for used cars decreased by 50%, down to 12,630.
In 2008, 26,500 new cars were registered and 26,000 second-hand. Compared to August, local new car market dropped 20%, and used car market by 5%.

In terms of new car registrations, Dacia leads the league table with 2,000 cars, followed by Skoda with 740 cars, Renault with 540 units, Volkswagen 478 and Ford with 390.

As for used car registrations, Volkswagen ranks first, with 3,600 cars followed by Opel with 3,300, Ford 1,100, Audi 850 and BMW 660.

In 2008, the number of new car registrations fell 8% year-on-year, down to 285,500 and number of used cars registered dropped 15% to around 300,000.

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