Sony expects to sell 7,000 notebooks in Romania by the end of current FY

Sony, the Tokyo-based computer-maker, said the company expects to increase notebook shipments by 15% in the current fiscal year in Romania, bringing its total sales of laptops to 7,000, despite the current economic crisis.

The company plans to acquire its objective through the new products it rolled out in Romania.

“Even if we are experiencing a severe economic crisis, the growth rate of notebooks is stable. We expect a 15% advance from previous fiscal year”, said Taiju Ishikawa (photo), branch manager Sony Vaio Romania.

Laptops have enjoyed a steady upward trajectory at the expense of desktop computers, he continued, and as the computer market in its entirety is suffering a massive decline, Sony’s target to increase number of shipments by 1,000 is encouraging.

The computer giant’s share in notebook market is expected to climb to 2% in the last quarter of the fiscal year, compared to 1.3% in first quarter.

If Sony was focused on the premium segment so far, the company is now aiming at the consumer sector as well, after cutting the prices of its products.

The share of the premium segment in total notebook sales is on an upward trend. Products included in this category account for 20% of the market at large.

Sony launched today the new series VAIO NW, VAIO CW, VAIO Mini W and VAIO X. Weighing in at only 655grams, VAIO X is the lightest and thinnest notebook to date and is designed mainly for the business consumers.

“Romanians are today more concerned about what they buy. And this is why Sony decided to cut prices (that start from 2,000 lei), in an attempt to attract new medium-income clients”, Ishikawa added.

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