KLM, the first airline to use bio-fuel

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will be the first airline in the world to make a demonstration flight using an eco-friendly fuel mixture.

The demonstration will take place on November 23, 2009 and will be operated using Boeing 747 equipment. One of the engines will be powered by a fuel mixture made of 50% sustainable bio-fuel and 50% traditional kerosene.

“This is an important step on the road to an aviation industry that we can support ecologically” said KLM President & CEO Peter Hartman.

“In the decades ahead, the airline industry will be largely dependent on the availability of alternative fuels in its drive to lower CO2 emissions,” said KLM Managing Director Jan Ernst de Groot.

As studied revealed, bio-fuel reduced the CO 2 emission by up to 80%. Furthermore, aircrafts don’t need to be re-engineered to run on bio-fuels.

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