Midday Forex: RON/EUR down to 4.29

The benchmark exchange rate set by the National Bank of Romania stood at 4.2988 lei per euro, as the national currency gained less than a unit on the interbank market in the early trades, without responding to the International Monetary Fund (IMF) decision to postpone the disbursement of the third tranche of the aid deal, NewsIn informs.

The central bank's official rate was of 4.2995 lei per euro yesterday.

Romania's leu increased gradually from 4.3060 to 4.2980 over the single European currency and at 2 p.m. banks were buying a euro with 4.2980 lei and selling it for 4.3030 lei.

In the region, the Polish zloty advanced from 4.2580 to 4.2370 versus the euro and then harked back to 4.2520, while the Hungarian forint grew from 275.80 to 274 per euro and slipped to 274.90 afterwards.

For the U.S. dollar, NBR’s exchange rate eased 0.34 percent to 2.8862 lei per dollar, from 2.8961 in the previous session.

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