Anti-ballistic interceptors in Romania

Romania's Supreme Defence council has approved the installation of anti-ballistic interceptors in the Romanian territory starting 2015, Traian Basescu said earlier today. He added that the bi-lateral agreements between USA and Romania were pending for ratification before the Parliament.

Placing the anti-ballistic interceptors as part of the US missile shield confirms the mutual confidence between USA and Romania, Romania’s president Traian Basescu said.

He stressed that the decision made by the Supreme Defense Council was in line with the art 118 in Constitution, with the Law No 291/2007 and with the national security and national defense laws. The agreement between the United States and Romania on the placement of the interceptors are pending for ratification before the Parliament.

The president said the invitation to Romania to host the anti-missile shield was extended by the president Barack Obama, through the main US negotiator, Ellen Tauscher.

The president said he had a meeting with Tauscher – the chief of a team of US experts – earlier today.

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