The central bank set a reference rate of 4.1092 lei/euro, up 0.09% from yesterday’s rate of 4.1054 lei/euro. In the interbank market, the leu teetered between 4.1050 and 4.1135 units/euro.

“The leu is hovering near a psychological barrier that is difficult to break through. The other currencies in the region have been more volatile due to a series of macroeconomic data,” a dealer told NewsIn.

In the region, the Polish zloty grew 0.20% in mid day trade to 3.9160 units against euro, while the Hungarian forint rose 0.21% to 267.33 units/euro.

For the US dollar, the National Bank of Romania set a reference rate of 3.0406 lei/dollar, up 0.81% from Monday’s rate of 3.0163 lei/dollar.