ArcelorMittal to build steel mill in Hunedoara

The construction works for the new ArcelorMittal steel mill in Hunedoara will start in April this year and end before the end of next year, said the chief executive of ArceorMittal Hunedoara, Remus Patan.

The equipment to be employed in the construction works at the new mill arrived by three trucks from France. The machines will be used for the finishing, adjustment, packaging and labeling of the steel bars.

According to the chief executive of ArcelorMittal Hunedoara, Remus Patan, the construction of the new mill is due to start in April this year and will complete by the end of next year.

“A new line of steel bars will go into production. The investment is around €43 million. By the end of this month, we will sign all the necessary contracts”, said Remus Patan.

He added that on March 26, the production of the mill will be suspended for a week, in order to allow the installation of oxygen and carbon injectors.

The representatives of the company said the aim of these investments in Hunedoara unit was to ensure the liquid steel, heavy, medium and light sections, steel concrete, wires and billets supplies, used in the production of pipes, as well as to raise global awareness of the steel bars produced at Hunedoara.

For the time being, ArcelorMittal Hunedoara employs 697.

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