The new store will have a gross surface of 1,400 sqm of 1,100 sqm is the retail surface. The unit is a freestander construction and has 70 parking spaces.

Plus sells over 1,500 products, including basic food items, fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh meat, self-service, refrigerated and frozen products, as well as non-food items, such as detergents, cosmetics, pet food, products for day-to-day use, electronics and home appliances.

The company, established in March 2003 launched in November 2005 the first ten plus outlets in the local market, the chain now being present in 82 cities across the country.

Pludi Market SRL, the company that operated Plus in Romania employs 2,102 in logistics, administration and marketing, the total investment in the company’s logistic platform in Ploiesti and stores tops €200 million.

The German-based Tengelman said in February it would sell the Plus store chain from Romania and Bulgaria to Lidl.