Financial crisis thrusts Romanian companies into operating leasing to cut costs

Companies will direct towards operating leasing services in order to cut costs on car fleet maintenance, as expenses for fleet maintenance may shift monthly in the current economic context, Sixt New Kopel Group representatives said.

“Romania has not yet reached the climax of financial crisis. And when that happens, investors and large companies will hail all efforts to reduce the pressures on financial obligation”, said Sixt New Kopel Group’s CEO Dudy Perry, in a press release.

“The costs for maintenance of own car fleets might change monthly, causing unbalances in outstanding balance,” Perry explained.

Representative of Sixt new Kopel said that in this case, the companies will focus on operating leasing services in order to wipe out financial pressures and to curb costs on a car fleet maintenance, NewsIn informs.

Perry added that, in case of operating leasing, the maintenance costs for cars are predictable on the entire duration of contract.

He stresses that almost all companies prefer leasing cars monthly “in order to eliminate the need to sign a long-term financial commitment”

Sixt New Kopel entered the second-hand cars market in 2007, by offering for sale cars that were previously objects of operating leasing contracts of the company.

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