Orange mobile network and Sony Ericsson have extended their strategic partnership through 2011 for the development of entertainment and multimedia-oriented services for mobile users.

Apart from the music toolkit, the agreement will focus on the introduction of a new array of cell phones with a complete entertainment package, such as Cybershot and other models that provide access to games compatible on Java platform.

The partnership has been extended for two years. Since 2006, Orange sold over 6.3 million Walkman phones sending the distributor to the top spot for this type of handsets in Europe.

The new Sony Ericsson handhelds will be included in Orange Signature range of products. The use of Walkman phones for accessing Orange Music Store – a full-track music download store with over 1 million-titles catalogue – has derived a 50% growth of music consumption compared to the consumption recorded by other cell phones with music packages.

Apart from the music, the partnership will integrate the innovative services Orange Photo, Orange Games and Orange Downloads in the new Sony Ericsson cell phone range.

“Apart from the music, we signaled a significant growth of the number of games downloaded and of the number of users sharing photos, therefore it’s time to fructify these opportunities”, said Yves Maitre (photo), Senior VPO Services Orange.

Orange Romania sold 20% more smartphones in 2008 than a year earlier. In late September last year, the largest mobile telecommunication operator in Romania reported 349 million euro revenues.

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