“The electricity produced in first quarter stood at 1,760 GWh. The power delivery to the national grid fell in 2009 due to lower consumption amid recessionary times”, power supplier said.

The representatives of CE Turceni said the sales of electricity at CE Turceni are adjusted to market demand, correlated with the offers of other suppliers.

“We expect a further deterioration of first-quarter profit this year, on weaker power amount delivered to the national grid, due to economic crisis and additional expenses generated by court judgments on retroactive salary rights”, CE Turceni added.

CE Turceni’s sales volume could revive as second quarter, which “means we will keep contracts with minimal reduction of annual power amount supplied”.

The power consumption dropped in first quarter 209 by 7.4% from prior year period, as the country’s statistical body informed.

Turceni Power Complex (CE) covers over 11% of total electricity provided to the national grid. The majority shareholder of the company is Ministry of Economy.

CE Turceni includes Turceni Thermal power plant which has an installed power of 2,640 MW, Jilt South and Jilt North quarries operational since 1977 and Mina Tehomir, operational since 1978.

The Oltenia-based three power plants (Turceni, Rovinari and Craiova) cover around a third of Romania’s electricity production.