ANEIR: Some 6,000 exporters went bankrupt in 2007

Around 6,000 exporters went bust since Romania’s accession to European Union membership, as a result of their failure to pay the value added tax to suppliers, said Mihai Ionescu, chairman of National Association of Exporters and Importers (ANEIR).

The number of exporters in Romania shrank to nearly 16,000 from 9.800, head of ANEIR stressed.

“Exporters didn’t have the money to meet their VAT liabilities to providers, and they were unable to wait until the revenue service returned them”, said Ionescu.

The chairman of ANEIR added exporters had been severely hit by the currency risk, namely by the sharp devaluation of the local currency since Romania’s accession to EU.

Mihai Ionescu said exports had narrowed 63% year-to-date, which brings out a worsened market situation, resulted from financial crisis. The only exception was the car industry were Romanian exporters were helped by the car scrappage scheme from Germany, head of ANEIR informs.

The German state introduced recently a car scrappage grant of 2,500 euros for individuals who own a car older than nine years.

The government has anticipated some of the measures’ immediate triggers. German consumers give their cars older than nine years for a Mercedes, BMW or Audi, that even with the 2,500-euro indemnity remain in the premium class, and prefer to turn to a Logan priced at 7,500 euros, for which the discount is 33% of the car’s standard price.

Sales of Dacia Logan in Germany increased six-fold in February, and over time, the model has gained the statute of an “ironic symbol of the crisis”.

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