As the race for deputy leadership of the National Bank of Romania heats up, new candidates are throwing their hat in the ring for this year’s elections: former member of the EU Parliament Daniel Daianu and Lucian Croitoru, monetary policy adviser to the NBR governor, sources closed to the issue told Wall-Street.
In their current mandates in the bank’s board of directors, ending within a few days were Florin Georgescu, Cristian Popa and Eugen Dijmarescu, following that Florin Georgescu and Cristian Popa to be reelected as they enjoy political backing from Social Democratic Party (PSD) and Liberal Democratic Party (PDL) respectively.

However, things get more complicated as PDL also endorses Virgil Stoenescu for deputy leadership position while National Liberal Party (PNL) claims the right of proposing someone for the job, namely Daniel Daianu. Sources from the banking industry told Wall-Street that Lucian Croitoru (photo), current monetary policy adviser to the governor might also be on the list of candidates.

Daniel Daianu said earlier this year that if he had been offered to take a position in the board of the central bank, he would have accepted, but talks inside the party are far from being over. Members of the party have different views on the proposal for the deputy leadership chair. Dan Radu Rusanu, deputy chairman of the party told NewsIn that the party endorses Daniel Daianu, although his fellow Liberal Party member, Varujan Vosganian said the party supported Napoleon Pop.

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