The program, carried out in January – November 2009 provided training to middle management employees and specialists.

“Trainees’ feedback has been positive. For employees, investment in human resources in times of economic crisis, given the record number of companies that have cut their training budget, has been a signal of the company’s mature level of development, as well as a proof of the company’s stability and major concerns for employees’ professional development”, said Carmen Iancu, project manager and HR manager at Caroli.

The program included general management courses, organizational communication, management of sales and company’s objectives, negotiation strategies, techniques and tactics.

“At this point, we have now started to develop projects to address employees in the production, logistics and quality control departments, as well as in other key sectors of the company”, Iancu added.

As for workforce fluctuation throughout 2009, it was 50% lower than in previous years.

Caroli Foods is the second largest charcuterie producer in the local market. The group’s lineups are: Gourmet, Caroli, Maestro, Sissi (under franchise) and Primo Familia.