On Tuesday, the central bank posted a reference rate of 4.2513 lei/euro, the highest rate in two weeks.

“The improvement of sentiment on CEE region and encouraging statement of the IMF mission helped the leu gain strength versus euro. IMF said it didn’t rule out an early disbursement of the fourth tranche under the aid deal with Romania and that it will rush procedures to make the transfer, as soon as the 2010 budget is approved by the Parliament”, ING said.

“EUR/LEU ratesis now near 4.2450 and may remain stable today, data suggesting even a further increase of the local currency for the remainder of the day”, ING said in a report. NBR has taken further actions today to stabilize the local currency, after few days of absence.

The leu grew from 4.245 to 4.2390units against euro at 13:30.

The euro fell against a basket of emerging currencies today, as the zloty rose from 4.206 to 4.182 vs euro while the forint climbed from 277.6 to 276.3 vs euro.

Versus the US dollar, NBR has set a mid-point reference rate 2.9180lei, 0.2% down from Tuesday’s 2.9238lei/dollar.