Talks between Ionescu and Liviu Dragan, managing director and shareholder of 20% interest in TotalSoft began at the end of last year, and since mid-December, the former manager of BitDefender joined the software company.

According to the social networking site LinkdIn, Daniel Ionescu (photo) has been working for BitDefender for the past ten years, the information security of Softwin.

Ionescu is as of January 2007 the managing director of the strategic consultancy and global development Infod, and last year, he served as operating officer of MyStaff Software.

“TotalSoft is running a global development program. We are planning to open offices abroad or make acquisitions that would complete our solutions suite (e.n. the company has earmarked €2.5-3 million for 2010 for acquisitions). Considering that over the past ten years, Daniel has turned a Romanian product into an international success, his expertise proved his credentials for the strategic role at TotalSoft”, TotalSoft representatives told Wall-Street.

Ionescu will be responsible for implementing a strategy aimed at raising the company’s market value and put together a strong marketing team to steer the company’s solutions to niche markets with high potential or to integrations with large companies.