Renee Blanche eyes 15% share of local hair care market

The Italian brand, Renee Blanche, has expanded its reach into Romanian hair care industry. The company will officially launch its professional product line in March this year.

The company targets hair designers and colorists with a range of products especially created for them. “In the first year, all our efforts will be focused on promoting and raising awareness of our products. On a medium term, Renee Blanche targets 15% of local hair care industry”, Ionela Penz Orban (photo), exclusive distributor for Romania told Wall-Street.

In a first phase, Renee Blanche will launch its professional hair care line, and afterwards it will bring its consumer products line. “The company will take two marketing approaches: direct marketing to hairdressers and beauty salons, and regional franchises. We are already in talks with local distributors who will receive exclusive license for selling Renee Blanche products”, Orban continued.

Renee Blanche considered Romanian market to be promising due to its size and potential and to consumers’ need for high-quality and affordable products. “We are confident, and we believe that Romania will climb out of recession soon. And the brands that are investing now in marketing and awareness will come out of crisis even stronger”, representative of Renee Blanche added.

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