Top stock brokers at Sibex

Stock brokerage firm WBS Romania climbed three positions in April from fourth, with the most futures contracts handled at the Sibiu Stock Exchange, namely 48,613.
Tradeville lost its March leading position and fell to the second, with 39,293 contracts handled, followed by Broker Cluj with 27,117 futures contracts.

Estinvest fell from second to fourth in April, with 25,014 contracts handled. Rounding up the top five list of stock brokerage firms at Sibiu Stock Exchange is KBC Securities that climbed three positions, from eighth to fifth, with 19,406 contracts handled. IFB is on sixth with 17,029 contracts.

Intercapital Invest fell from sixth to seven, after handling 14,304 contracts. Nova Invest takes the eighth spot with 10,887 contracts, while Fairwind Securities is on ninth with 8,896 contracts.

In the April ranking of the largest stock brokerage firms by the number of futures contracts handled, Interdealer Capital Invest rounds up the top ten, with 7,661 contracts.

Carpatica Invest dominates spot trading market

Only one issuer is listed at the Sibiu Stock Exchange spot market, Bursa Sibex (ticker:SBX) itself, where Carpatica Invest is the most active, with transactions worth 2.05 million lei.

WBS Romania is on the second position with 1.6 million lei trade value, followed closely by KBC Securities with 1.3 million lei.

On fourth is Actinvest with 0.9 million lei total trade value and HTI Valori Mobiliare on fifth with 0.73 million lei.

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