Bucharest Stock Exchange doubles profit in Q1

Bucharest Stock Exchange (BSE) said its quarterly profit rose to 2.47 million lei (€0.6 million) almost double from the same period of last year.
In Jan-Mar 2009 period, the institution’s profit was 1.23 million, while revenues stood at 2.27 million lei.

The market operator’s turnover doubled to 4.44 million lei, while revenues grew to 6.09 million lei.

First-quarter expenditures dropped 4% to 3.14 million lei, from the same period of last year.

Bucharest Stock Exchange said it would list its own shares at the stock market, on June 8, through a secondary sale offering.

Bucharest Stock Exchange is the central component of the BVB group, which includes Central Depository, Bucharest Clearing House, Investors’ Clearing Fund and Institute of Corporate Governance. In the first three, BVB holds 66.80%, 52.51% and 56.93% interest respectively.

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