According to him, the crisis hurts every field of activity, whereas Diverta is at the “happy” end of segments negatively influenced by the precarious international financial status. “The crisis affected the real estate, then expanded and hit the car industry, the number of car sale registering a drastic slump, however the book is saved from this point of view”, said Radu.

Octavian Radu explains this trend by the fact that people are looking towards things that don’t cost much. “In times of crisis, people buy more DVDs, preferring to stay indoors and watch movies. If they don’t buy cars anymore, it is more likely they buy a book”, said RTC head.

Still, in case Romania gets hit by a recession, Octavian Radu sees a possible decline of 10% next year for its businesses.

He added he had anticipated the economic crisis, adding that he never knew how this would manifest locally. The impact of economic crisis lay in deep unbalances that consist in the fact that “Americans consume, and Chinese produce”, as he stated.

As for the larger extent of the damage caused by financial crisis in the neighboring countries than Romania, he explains the situation with a comparison. “Of course cars are hit faster than books. Hungary was certainly more vulnerable, its trade deficit was always double, triple than ours, therefore the extent of the damage is obviously larger than in Romania.”

However, RTC head said he would continue to invest, despite the economic crisis, adding he will make public more details on new investments in November., the online platform of marketplace will commercialize this year products worth 600,000 euros, namely 1% of overall sales of the chain. The online store aims at being an Amazon of all Romanians and its contribution to hover around 1-10% of Diverta’s sales, according to Octavian Radu.

The online store will be re-launched under motto “Last-generation shopping”, following an investment worth 250,000 euros. is the only Web 2.0 store in Romania in full version of IBM WebSphere Commerce which offers over 34,000 products of eight different ranges active starting with the moment of re-launching .

Products available on the virtual marketplace are available both from stock and at order. The delivery interval varies from 24 and 72 hours, and clients are offered with specialized advisory by company through a call center.

Through this platform, the interactivity with users is considerably increasing. New options will be developed in the following months, so that the users will be able to make comments, set ratings, track down news via RSS, debate on forums, or on blog. At this point, the virtual marketplace functions in beta format.