The sums announced are calculated in euros at an exchange rate of 4.3 lei/euro and then transformed in lei and will gradually grow next year.

The last reading of the draft law settling the poll tax in Romania forces companies with turnover of 0 -52,000 lei to a minimum tax of 1,467 lei this year or of 183.3 lei monthly. In 2010 the minimum tax will stand at 2,200 lei.

Moreover, companies with turnover standing from 52,001 lei to 215,000 lei will be levied a minimum poll tax of 2,867 lei this year and of 4,300 lei the next year. As for companies with turnovers exceeding 215,001 lei but not higher than 430,000 lei, the poll tax is set at a minimum level of 4,333 lei this year and 6,500 le in 2010.

The Finance Ministry told NewsIn yesterday that companies with turnover below 12,000 euros will have to pay an annual poll tax of 500 euros. The minister said that those unable to pay this little to the state should shut down the business. Also, the ministry agreed that companies should pay different taxes, by the level of the yearly business.

Fiscal consultant Gabriel Biris said yesterday that the poll tax is nothing but a regression in time and stands as a short-term compromise applicable by the end of 2010.

The poll tax will be applied to micro companies and to companies operating mainly in services, trade except vehicles and motorcycles and in the food industry.