Automotive Trading Services (ATS), importer of Harley-Davidson and Buell motorcycles in Romania, said it planned to sell 50 motorcycles this year, namely one unit per week, below the last year’s 67-units mark.
“We sold 67 motorcycles in 2008, and this year, we hope the sales volume to stay above 50. In first quarter this year we delivered 7 units, down 50% from 14 units shipped a year earlier”, Sales Manager at Harley-Davidson Bucharest, Marcel Chiva told Wall-Street.

Harley-Davidson’s market share in 2008 stood at 13% in Romania, taking No3 spot at motorcycles above 650cc. “We hope to hold out position in the marketplace and to stay on top 3 motorcycles makers in 2009”, Chiva said.

The importer’s turnover passed the 1-mln euro mark last year. “This year, we hope to keep business at the same level as last year. We lay our hopes on accessories and apparel segment,” said Chiva.

Harley-Davidson will introduce this year the buy-back scheme for motorcycles acquired from Romania. “We will introduce the buy-back scheme as of this summer available only for motorcycles acquired from Romania in a first phase, following to stretch the program to motorcycles bought from other dealers”, Chiva added.

As the representative of Harley-Davidson commented, “the motorcycle industry is likely to shrink 20-25%, on tight credit and leasing conditions”.

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