“We have the ability to influence other people’s attitude by the way we introduce ourselves”

Ever since she was a little girl, Mihaela Berciu was fascinated with the concept of elegance and how we are different from the others by the way we look, speak and behave.

She learned that the way we introduce ourselves influences people’s attitude toward us, and subsequently that we can influence this attitude by the way we introduce ourselves, wardrobe being as important as verbal and non-verbal communication.

“The true passion for fashion and wardrobe I found when I decided to take American International University fashion design classes in London” said Mihaele Berciu.

Upon returning in Romania, she started to practice her interior design skills. At that moment, she saw the fashion industry at a mere infancy, and the mirage of foreign brands was much too strong to let a local fashion line make way or be successful.

“When I considered the market matured, I started to work as a stylist and afterwards as image coordinator for Irina Schrotter and Razvan Ciobanu’s collections”, Mihaela Berciu added.

Simultaneously, she coordinated the image of Antena 1’s newsroom, succeeding to impose a specific style in wardrobe, which became a standard at that time.

Intuiting the potential of image consultancy, she decided to head off to UK to take the image consultancy courses of London Image Institute and subscribed as an associated member of Association Image Consultants International, thus becoming the sole consultant in Romania, member of the largest association of personal and corporate image consultants worldwide.