E-payment transaction value exceeds 43 million euros in H1

Electronic commerce ended first half of the year with 570,000 transactions and a total payment value of 43.5 million euros, up 68% year-on-year, according to RomCard.

Of the total number of e-payment transactions, 500,000 worth 40.5 million euro were processed by Gecad ePayment.

“The performance of the market is somewhat natural, especially in the current market conditions. Merchants are forced to cut costs, and one of the most efficient methods is to shift to online commerce, as it entails significantly lower costs on staff, maintenance, logistics, etc. Similarly, stores’ offers have increased, regardless to the field, which reflects in the good performance of the market in the first half”, said Marin Mitroi, managing director RomCard.

According to ePayment statistics, the biggest YoY increase (by the number of transactions) was registered in travel and transportation – 158%, telecommunication and services that increased by nearly 85% and non-IT etail by 67%. The only segment that suffered a decline compared to 2008 was the IT etail segment, the number of transaction dropping 2%, following dwindling sales in second quarter.

“MyAir, Bamboo, Paralela 45 are only few of the businesses that started to tap into the e-commerce. In addition, many online stores invested in improving their services and web content in an effort to boost online sales”, said Carmen Sebe, managing director Gecad ePayment.

As for the evolution of online payment via banking card in first half, the summer season triggered a slowdown of the growth pace, from 18% at the end of first quarter, to 4% at the end of Q2.

Nevertheless, the second-quarter sales outstripped Q1 sales by 34%, reaching 25 million euros.

“The fact that despite the down economy, electronic continues to perform reflects the result of the joint effort of internet merchants, payment processors and all players involved in the domestic electronic commerce. As for the second half of the year, we are convinced that together with our partners we will manage to sustain the growth pace as well as to reach the performance of a total online transaction volume of 70 million euros, in compliance with our previous estimates”, said Carmen Sebe.

Source: Gecad ePayment, RomCard

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