When will Romanian car market pick up? An uncertainty for Ford

Ford aims at increasing market share in Romania, but cannot say whether the country is over the worst of recession nor for how long sales will remain subdued, said the Ingvar Sviggum, Ford of Europe's Vice-President for Marketing, Sales and Service.

“Ford company aims at improving market share in Romania next year as well in other markets. It will be a difficult task to accomplish, because the market is still in a critical point, same as all across Europe. But small steps will bring us closer to a recovery”, said Sviggum.

He added that it was impossible to predict when Romania would hit the lowest point of recession, but the countries that returned on growth may lead the local market to recovery.

“We don’t know whether Romania is over the worst of recession, or not. However, Romania is close to Germany, a country that has made its way back to the positive territory, and this can only be favorable for Romania”, Sviggum.

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