The liquidity at the stock market dropped slightly today, to 36.53 million lei (€8.86 million) from yesterday’s level of 43.86 million lei (€10.73 million).

The liquidity was propped up by the 10 million Zentiva stocks deal of 7 million lei. Another 4,000 Transgaz stocks changed hands today in a one 733,200lei-deal.

BET index that gauges the performance of the ten most actively traded stocks at BSE slumped 1.68% to 5,043.60 points while the composite BET-C closed 1.70% lower to 2,970.74 points.

BET-FI index of the five financial investment companies fell 1.33% to 29,488.58 points, while Vienna’s ROTX suffered 1.79% decline to 10,307.63.

BET-XT index of the 25 most traded stocks at the Bucharest trading decreased 1.62% to 519.27 points, while BET-NG 10 energy stocks gauge ended 1.26% lower to 652.62 points.

The European equities were suffering severe setbacks at BSE’s closing, after data showed higher-than-expected rise in jobless claims in US over the past month.

At the London Stock Exchange, FTSE index of the leading 100 companies was slumping 1.14% to 5,193 points, while Germany’s DAX was shedding 1.13% to 5,608 points. France’s CAC was moving 1.09% lower to 3,752 points.

At the regular market, FIC Oltenia (BSE:SIF5) have been the most traded stocks today, with 6.64 million lei liquidity, while stock prices fell 0.62% to 1.60 lei. FIC Moldova (BSE:SIF2) declined 0.72% to 1.37%.

In the banking sector, BRD SocGen (BSE:BRD) fell 1.99% to 14.80 lei, while Banca Transilvania fell 2.39% to 2.04 lei.

Transactions with Transelectrica (BSE:TEL) totaled 4.25 million lei, while shares plummeted 3.68% to 15.70 lei, while Petrom (BSE:SNP) dropped 1.76% to 0.2790