The shoe retailer increased its presence in Romania in 2009 by adding 8 new outlets to the existing 13.

The group’s revenues rose in 2009 by 9%, from €3.1 billion to €3.4 billion. Deichmann sold 138 million pairs of shoes in 2009, 8.3% more than 127 million a year earlier. “We were confirmed that even in crisis, we have to stick to our expansion plans”, Deichmann said.

In 2009, Europe’s biggest footwear company has put in place its investment plan, and expanded its presence in Europe to 215 branches across Central and South-Eastern Europe.

Globally, Deichmann opened 282 new branches. Last year, it set up its logistic hub in Slovakia, in order to help the company expand in Central and South-Eastern Europe. The group expects to open its first branch in Serbia early next year.

Deichmann Group based in Essen (Germany) was established in 1913 and holds the leading position in Europe’s footwear industry. The group’s global headcount tops 28,000. Deichmann holds branches in Germany, Austria, UK, Denmark, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Sweden, Romania, Croatia, Italy, Lithuania, Turkey and Bulgaria.