At approximately six months since the beginning of a new investment period of the open-ended protected profit fund, Raiffeisen Confort, Raiffeisen Asset Management launched the second open-ended investment fund having similar features, called Raiffeisen Confort Series 2.

The existent fund attracted around 1000 investors and assets of 27 million lei in the investment period that began at the end of September 2009, which is why the asset manager decided to launch a similar product.

Raiffeisen Confort Series 2 will be launched on April 21, and in the first four weeks, the assets will be geared exclusively towards low-risk instruments, to enable as many investors as possible to underwrite at a value close to the initial one, which will be protected at the end of the two-year investment period.

“Given the severe decline in interests for the national currency, the new fund is designed to investors who aim at higher profits, but at the same time, who don’t want to assume any loss incurred by an adverse change in stock quotes”, said Mihail Ion, chairman Raiffeisen Asset Management.

He added that apart from the strategic investment objectives, Raiffeisen Confort Series 2 has the advantage of liquidity, since it is an open-ended fund that enables investors to buy back at any time and amount it may involve.