"Operational, in Romania and the Central and Eastern European region we will manage through three dedicated business units: Labormed for prescr'+'iption generics, Ozone for OTC products and Ozone Natural for remedies based on natural plant extracts. These business areas will operate along side each other and share the same central services in order to maximize operational efficiency within the company.” stated Stephen Stead Labormed’s CEO.

The new packaging livery with fresh modern imagery reflects elements of the new brand , making it easier for patients to recognize the medicines and the therapeutic areas they treat and enhancing compliance.

Customers will start to find the companies’ products in the new Labormed packaging style in pharmacies from the beginning of May. Replacing the old packaging style with the new ones will be an ongoing process taking several months, as the current stocks will be sold.

Furthermore, the company has opened a new headquarters building, on the same site as the manufacturing site in Bucharest. All key central functions and the senior management are now located together on the one site in Blvd Theodor Pallady Bucharest.

The majority shareholder of Labormed is Advent International, one of the worlds' leading private equity firms.